Rai Gethers | UX Creative
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Hi, I’m Rai!

User-centric designer passionate about crafting + delivering unique client experiences.

This portfolio is no different.

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If you would've told me I would have been designing products and curating experiences in this life, I would not have believed you.

I wanted to be an entertainment journalist.

I've always been interested in how and why things work the way they do as well as keeping people engaged. My hunger to understand "why" inspired me to study journalism. Journalism combined my natural inquisitiveness with my love for storytelling, and taught me the value of research and objectivity. During my time in PR and hospitality, I found myself enjoying the details of creating, intellectualizing & strategizing the client’s experience.

Keeping people and their needs at the core of my designs, I've been able to take my passions to a higher level as an impactful skillset as a UX Creative. 

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“There is nothing impossible to the crafter of dreams.”

— Unknown


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